Greetings from President

Global Cultural Cooperation Centered University

  • Welcome all of you to Geumgang Univeristy in the historic city of Nonsan.

    Geumgang University was founded by the Chuntae Order, one of Korea’s Buddhist sects, with the mission of educating the future creative leaders with both true personhood and professional competence. Geumgang Univeristy aims to produce future entrepreneurs with global competence based on the Convergence Education System.

    First of all, I will enhance the quality of education to the international standards. Also, I will promote industry-government-school cooperation and student startups and encourage education, research and entrepreneurship on regional specialization projects to improve the regional economic environment and the quality of life for those who live in the local community.

  • I will also try to make the campus more global both by attracting more international students and sending GGU students for studying and living overseas.

  • I will also try to make communication within school flow more freely to make GGU as a better place to work and live. We live in the age of a great transition. Science and technology, in general, and information technology, in particular, is changing the landscape of education and research at institutions of higher education.

    We, at GGU, must keep abreast with this trend. By moving the focus of eduction from professors to students, from principles to problems, and from lectures to discussions, GGU will train its students to have problem-finding and problem-solving abilities, promote applied research system for regional development, and encourage the students to take IT-based entrepreneurial classes so that they can get a job at IT-related businesses or start their own businesses. Let’s go and make efforts together. Thank you.

    The 7th President Geumgang University Song, Hee-Yeon