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Career Counseling Services

Career development programs include career-related courses, counseling by career development experts, personality and aptitude tests and interview practices, special lectures for future careers, and internship programs. Also, under the government-funded education enhancement program, self-interviewing softwares, group discussion improvement programs, one-stop job matching programs, career development-related classes, and a career development management system, expert career counseling services are provided.

Study Groups for Government Employee Exams and Professional Licenses help students get a job in the public sector
  • 1. Study Group for Government Employee Exams
    • This study group aims to maximize the pass rates of high-level and entry-level government employees' exams by offering competitive education programs. The study group has its own study rooms and receives various financial supports.
  • 2. Study Group for Professional Licenses
    • Experience of Business Launching in Silicon Valley, U.S.A., and Shinjien, China.
      • Supports are available for Study Group for Professional Licenses such as CPA license, CTA license, Fist-Class Social Worker license, and others. Many members of these study groups now work for the government as high-level or entry-level government employees or as professionals with certified licenses such as public accountants(CPAs).