We educate global, convergent, and innovative Minds.

Full-tuition Scholarship for All Geumgang Students

Geumgang grants full-tuition scholarships for all incoming and returning students with minimum GPA of 3.0 and additional scholarships for those admitted to Geumgang at the top of their class and for those who have scored very high on scholastic aptitude tests.

Dormitory Rooms for All Students plus Excellent Amenities

Geumgang's dormitoriy provides accommodation for all of the students during the semester to help students study hard without much financial burden. The dormitory buildings have PC rooms, karaoke rooms, a fitness center, a billiards room, a Korean teahouse, a beauty parlor, and a convenience store to help students enjoy their leisure time without leaving the comfort of their dormitories.

Best-Teaching University

Students may choose two or more majors to study from ten different majors of two schools and learn how to solve practical problems creatively.

  • Number of students per full-time faculty member: 18.67 students.
  • Ratio of full-time faculty employment: 130.43% (source: 2017 National Universities Statistics)
  • Ratio of small classes with 20 or less students: 79.06%(source: 2017 National Universities Statistics)