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We educate global, convergent, and innovative Minds.

Geumgang-VAULT Startup & Innovation Academy (GVSIA)

This program is designed for those who want to work at IT-related companies or start their own business

  • 1. Hands-on Experience from Startup Projects
    • Basic techniques of starting a business
    • Project-oriented Practice and Evaluation
    • Systematic Portfolio Management
  • 2. Experience of business launching overseas
    • Experience of Business Launching in Silicon Valley, U.S.A., and Shinjien, China.
    • Participation in Overseas Pitching Contests
    • Student Exchange Programs with Local Schools
  • 3. Close Cooperation with IT Businesses home and abroad
    • Strategic Alliance with IT Businesses for Internship Purposes
    • Current CEOs or former CEOs as a Faculty
    • Student-developed Solutions for Businesses

  • Vault is an accelerator company based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the home of many successful startups.
  • GVSIA : Geumgang Vault Start-up & Innovation Academy